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Cavalcante Consultores is a company specialized in Public Bids and has been operating in this segment for more than 18 years throughout the national territory with transparency and credibility, bringing effective results to its clients. It is a pioneer in providing services that involve all the stages of a Public Bid, being responsible from the control and updating of the certificates, processes, appeals and legal actions, if any, until the signing of the contract.

With the action based on the long-term partnership and the legality of the process, its clients have a professional and up-to-date executive body, acting with transparency and honesty.The differential of Cavalcante Consultores is in the commitment with the result, which can be proven by linking its receipt to the effective victory of the bidding process.

Our History

Since its foundation in 1995, Cavalcante Consultores has pioneered its activities by providing advisory services to small and medium-sized companies in bidding processes, always focusing on the partnership with compensation linked to the result. Check out our timeline


Cavalcante Consultores has been investing continuously in IT, physical structure and personnel, which together with the flexibility of its operations, acts with the necessary agility throughout the national territory.

Own Fleet

Representatives Throughout the country

Legal Department “in loco”

Administrative management software specific to the activity

Internet connections emergency systems found by generators

Contracts with large and multinational enterprises

Cross conference processes in the stages of analysis and preparation of proposals

Specific room for electronic auctions with satellite internet connection.

Capital Humano


The greatest asset of Cavalcante Consultores is its staff. The company invests continuously in the development of its employees – approximately 65 employees at the end of 2012. The management of training, as well as internal and external courses, is carried out by companies consolidated in the market. We believe that human capital will always be the biggest asset of companies, regardless of any change in the corporate scenario.

Always attentive to the changes and innovations of the bidding market, it is always looking for updates on new strategies of action in each segment. With a cordial and respectful style, traditional in family businesses, with excellence and professionalism, present in the big companies, they add perfectly in the Cavalcante Consultants, transmitting to the clients the benefits of a serious and competent company, whose result can be attested by your customers / partners.

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(11) 4492-5209




Rua Helena Conci Gáspari, nº 110

Jd. Campos Elísios – Jundiaí – SP

CEP: 13209-810

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