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Cavalcante Consultores has been investing continuously in IT, physical structure and personnel, which together with the flexibility of its operations, acts with the necessary agility throughout the national territory.

Access to all market biddings (Invitations, Pricing, Biddings, and Stock Exchange floors)

Through the daily search of new biddings, we inform your company of all open bid and jointly analyze the commercially viable opportunities.

Public Notice Withdrawl

Through the daily search of new biddings, we inform your company of all open bid and jointly analyze the commercially viable opportunities.

Withdrawal and detailed analysis of the terms of calls for bid

Following the analysis of open bids lists, we are automatically responsible for withdrawing, anywhere in the country, the call for bid paper that may interest your company as well as for its delivery. Afterwards, a detailed analysis of the call for bid is carried out in order to check the bidder’s rights and duties.

Updating of the required documents

Cavalcante Consultores is responsible for updating all required documents and assisting you in compiling all documents that may possibly be demanded during the bidding process.

Inquiry of the contractor’s financial status

A previous inquiry of the public agency’s financial status is carried out in order to avoid that your company engages in a bid in which there may be any restriction regarding the fund allocated for payment.

Personal follow up of all procedures

We personally assesses and follow up all stages of the bidding process to verify and ensure that all documents and proposals presented by the competitors are law-abiding and comply the established guidelines. Hence, ensuring your company Equity in Competition.

Reports on each and every stage

We periodically send our clients all summaries of the bidding process, informing them of the competing companies, the ones deemed unacceptable or declassified, as well as the final result.

Clearing out occasional doubts on the bidding

Prior to the opening of the envelopes, we clear out any doubts on a certain process your company is taking part in, thus avoiding mistakes that might jeopardize your proposal.

Elaboration of Solicitation and Proposals envelopes

Elaboration of the solicitation envelopes as well as of the proposal’s, always in conformity with the Call for Bid and the Bidding Law. That way, we ensure your acceptance in the process and avoid any negative surprises.

Refutation of call for bid

When necessary and always abiding the Law, we propose the refutation of the call for bid, seeking changes that meet our clients’ interests.

Companies roster file (CRC SIFAC and others)

These are the so called Certificates of Enrollment. Once enrolled, we can guarantee your company’s Pre-qualification Registration with the major contractors, even before a bidding is advertised

Interposition of any judicial appeals

We possess all the necessary structure to require, when needed, the revision of the Public Administration’s decision, through the use of legal instruments.

Agencies Attended

It is part of our quotidian and our proposal the service to all governmental spheres and only by way of example we highlight:
  • Federal Government
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Post Office
  • Infraero
  • Federal Police
  • INSS
  • Receita Federal
  • FNDE
  • Federal Authorities
  • Bank of Brazil
  • Caixa Economica Federal
  • Petrobras …
  • Departments of Public Safety
  • Department of Health
  • Fire Stations
  • Dealers of Energy
  • State Governments
  • Ences State Water and Sewage
  • State authorities …
  • 5,565 Municipalities
  • Municipal Guards
  • Services Municipal Water
  • and Wastewater
  • Health Services
  • Social Services
  • Municipal Authorities …

Guarantee for your company
business opportunities.

With action based on long-term partnership and legality of the process,
its clients count with a professional and updated executive body,
acting with transparency and honesty.

Legal Department “in loco”

Representatives throughout Brazil

Largest specialized office in the country


  • "Due to the difficulty and complexity involved in bidding processes, we opted to have specialists to represent us and it was at this moment that we contracted the services of Cavalcante Consultores. They have an excellent structure (team and equipment) and a vast experience in these processes bringing us satisfatory results so far. "

    Eduardo Correa
    Eduardo Correa
  • "We from Baff's Salgaderia urgently needed to participate in public bids, we searched for weeks and fortunately we found Cavalcante Consultores, at the same time we got in touch, they treat us with quality, professionalism and efficiency. We started our partnership and soon after we got several new business units, since 2012 this synergy is only increasing and our company is growing. Many thanks to all the Cavalcante team! "

    Baff´s Salgaderia
    Baff´s Salgaderia

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